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Abreha, Haftay Gebreslasie and Bernardos, Carlos Jesús and de la Oliva, Antonio and Cominardi, Luca and Azcorra, Arturo (2021) Monitoring in fog computing: state-of-the-art and research challenges. [Journal Articles]

Aggarwal, Shivang and Ghoshal, Moinak and Banerjee, Piyali and Koutsonikolas, Dimitrios and Widmer, Joerg (2021) 802.11ad in Smartphones: Energy Efficiency,vSpatial Reuse, and Impact on Applications. In: IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM 2021), 10-13 May, Virtual.

Alfonseca, Manuel and Cebrian, Manuel and Fernández Anta, Antonio and Coviello, Lorenzo and Abeliuk, Andrés and Rahwan, Iyad (2021) Superintelligence Cannot be Contained: Lessons from Computability Theory. [Journal Articles]

Assasa, Hany and Grosheva, Nina and Ropitault, Tanguy and Blandino, Steve and Golmie, Nada and Widmer, Joerg (2021) Implementation and Evaluation of a WLAN IEEE 802.11ay Model in Network Simulator ns-3. In: The Workshop on ns-3 (WNS3) 2021, 23 June, Virtual.


Baquero, Carlos and Casari, Paolo and Fernández Anta, Antonio and García-García, Amanda and Frey, Davide and García-Agundez, Augusto and Georgiou, Chryssis and Girault, Benjamin and Ortega, Antonio and Goessens, Mathieu and Hernández, Harold and Nicolaou, Nicolas and Stavrakis, Efstathios and Ojo, Oluwasegun and Roberts, Julian C and Sánchez, Ignacio (2021) The CoronaSurveys System for COVID-19 Incidence Data Collection and Processing. [Journal Articles]

Blanco, Alejandro and Palacios, Joan and Cominelli, Marco and Gringoli, Francesco and Widmer, Joerg (2021) Accurate Ubiquitous Localization with Off-the-Shelf IEEE 802.11ac Devices. In: The 19th Annual International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MobiSys 2021), June 24-July 2, 2021, Virtual, WI, USA.

Blesa, Maria J. and Fernández Anta, Antonio (2021) Maria Serna’s Contributions to Adversarial Queuing Theory. [Journal Articles]

Blázquez, Eduardo and Pastrana, Sergio and Feal, Álvaro and Gamba, Julien and Kotizias, Platon and Vallina-Rodriguez, Narseo and Tapiador, Juan (2021) Trouble Over-The-Air: An Analysis of FOTA Apps in the Android Ecosystem. In: 42nd IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P).


Champati, Jaya Prakash Varma (2021) Energy-Optimal Sampling of Edge-Based Feedback Systems. In: IEEE Workshop on SAGE: Green Solutions for Smart Environment , 14-23 June 2021, Montreal, Canada.

Champati, Jaya Prakash Varma (2021) Scheduling of Wireless Edge Networks for Feedback-Based Interactive Applications. [Technical Reports]

Champati, Jaya Prakash Varma and Avula, Ramana and Oechtering, Tobais and Gross, James (2021) Minimum Achievable Peak Age of Information Under Service Preemptions and Request Delay. [Journal Articles]

Cholvi, Vicent and Georgiou, Chryssis and Fernández Anta, Antonio and Nicolaou, Nicolas and Raynal, Michel and Russo, Antonio (2021) Byzantine-tolerant Distributed Grow-only Sets: Specification and Applications. In: 4th International Symposium on Foundations and Applications of Blockchain (FAB 2021), 7 May 2021.

Chuprikov, Pavel and Demianiuk, Vitalii and Gorinsky, Sergey (2021) PREDICAT: Efficient Packet Classification via Prefix Disjointness. In: ICCCN 2021, 19-22 Jul 2021, virtual.

Crawford, Blyth and Keen, Florence and Suarez Tangil, Guillermo (2021) Memes, Radicalisation, and the Promotion of Violence on Chan Sites. In: International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM).


Demianiuk, Vitalii (2021) New methods, algorithms, and theoretical guarantees for algorithms in network element design. PhD thesis, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia.

Demianiuk, Vitalii and Gorinsky, Sergey and Kogan, Kirill (2021) TeleNoise: A Network-Noise Module for In-Band Real-Time Telemetry. In: The 20th IFIP Networking 2021 Conference (IFIP NETWORKING 2021), 21-24 June 2021, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland.

Demianiuk, Vitalii and Gorinsky, Sergey and Nikolenko, Sergey and Kogan, Kirill (2021) Robust Distributed Monitoring of Traffic Flows. [Journal Articles]

Demianiuk, Vitalii and Kogan, Kirill and Fernández Anta, Antonio (2021) Abstracting Networks with Measurable Guarantees. In: The 20th IFIP Networking 2021 Conference (IFIP NETWORKING 2021), June 21-24, 2021, Espoo, Finland.

Doncel, Josu and de la Pisa, Luis and Santos, Agustín and Fernández Anta, Antonio (2021) A Fair and Scalable Mechanism for Resource Allocation: The Multilevel QPQ Approach. [Journal Articles]


Feal, Álvaro and Vallina, Pelayo and Gamba, Julien and Pastrana, Sergio and Nappa, Antonio and Hohlfeld, Oliver and Vallina-Rodriguez, Narseo and Tapiador, Juan (2021) Blocklist Babel: On the Transparency and Dynamics of Open Source Blocklisting. [Journal Articles]


García-Agundez, Augusto and Ojo, Oluwasegun and Hernández, Harold and Baquero, Carlos and Frey, Davide and Georgiou, Chryssis and Goessens, Mathieu and Lillo, Rosa Elvira and Menezes, Raquel and Nicolaou, Nicolas and Ortega, Antonio and Stavrakis, Efstathios and Fernández Anta, Antonio (2021) Estimating the COVID-19 Prevalence in Spain with Indirect Reporting via Open Surveys. [Journal Articles] (Accepted for publication)

Gramaglia, Marco and Fiore, Marco and Furno, Angelo and Stanica, Razvan (2021) GLOVE: towards privacy-preserving publishing of record-level-truthful mobile phone trajectories. [Journal Articles]


Ji, Kaixuan and Chi, Ce and Zhang, Fa and Fernández Anta, Antonio and Song, Penglei and Marahatta, Avinab and Wang, Youshi and Liu, Zhiyong (2021) Energy-Aware Scheduling Based on Marginal Cost and Task Classification in Heterogeneous Data Centers. [Journal Articles]


Lacruz, Jesús Omar and Garcia Marti, Dolores and Jimenez Mateo, Pablo and Palacios, Joan and Widmer, Joerg (2021) High-Speed Millimeter-Wave Mobile Experimentation on Software-Defined Radios. [Journal Articles]

Lacruz , Jesus O. and Ruiz Ortiz, Rafael and Widmer, Joerg (2021) A Real-Time Experimentation Platform for sub-6 GHz and Millimeter-Wave MIMO Systems. In: The 19th Annual International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MobiSys 2021), June 24-July 2, 2021, Virtual, WI, USA.


Madani, Sohrab and Jog, Suraj and Lacruz, Jesús Omar and Widmer, Joerg and Hassanieh, Haitham (2021) Practical Null Steering in Millimeter Wave Networks. In: 18th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI'21), April 12-14, 2021, Online.

Mancuso, Vincenzo and Castagno, Paolo and Sereno, Matteo and Ajmone Marsan, Marco (2021) Serving HTC and Critical MTC in a RAN Slice. In: The 22nd IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM 2021), Online.

Moulay, Mohamed and García, Rafael and Mancuso, Vincenzo and Rojo, Pablo and Fernández Anta, Antonio (2021) TTrees: Automated Classification of Causes of Network Anomalies with Little Data. In: The 22nd IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM 2021), Online.


Nogales, Borja and Gonzalez, Luis. F and Vidal, Iván and Valera, Francisco and García-Reinoso, Jaime and R. Lopez, Diego and Rodríguez, Juan and González, Neftalí and Berberana, Ignacio and Azcorra, Arturo (2021) Integration of 5G Experimentation Infrastructures into a Multi-Site NFV Ecosystem. [Journal Articles]

Nogales, Borja and Silva, Miguel and Vidal, Iván and Luís, Miguel and Valera, Francisco and Sargento, Susana and Azcorra, Arturo (2021) Using Aerial and Vehicular NFV Infrastructures to Agilely Create Vertical Services. [Journal Articles]


Ortega, Felipe and Gomez-Villafuertes, Rosa and Benito-León, María and Martínez de la Torre, Margaret and Olivos-Oré, Luis A. and Arribas-Blazquez, Marina and Gomez-Gaviro, María Victoria and Azcorra, Arturo and Desco, Manuel and Artalejo, Antonio R. and Puelles, Luis and Miras-Portugal, María Teresa (2021) Salient brain entities labelled in P2rx7-EGFP reporter mouse embryos include the septum, roof plate glial specializations and circumventricular ependymal organs. [Journal Articles]


Rizzo, Gianluca and Pérez, Noelia and Ajmone Marsan, Marco and Mancuso, Vincenzo (2021) Storage Capacity of Opportunistic Information Dissemination Systems. [Journal Articles]


Singh, Rajkarn and Hasan, Cengis and Fiore, Marco and Foukas, Xenofon and Marina, Mahesh and Wang, Yue (2021) Energy-Efficient Orchestration of Metro-Scale 5G Radio Access Networks. In: The 40th IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM 2021), 10-13 May 2021, Online.


Zhang, Chaoyun and Fiore, Marco and Murray, Iain and Patras, Paul (2021) CloudLSTM: A Recurrent Neural Model for Spatiotemporal Point-cloud Stream Forecasting. In: The 35th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2021), 2-9 February 2021, Online (previously Vancouver, Canada).

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