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TeleNoise: A Network-Noise Module for In-Band Real-Time Telemetry

Demianiuk, Vitalii and Gorinsky, Sergey and Kogan, Kirill (2021) TeleNoise: A Network-Noise Module for In-Band Real-Time Telemetry. In: The 20th IFIP Networking 2021 Conference (IFIP NETWORKING 2021), 21-24 June 2021, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland.

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In-band real-time telemetry is a promising direction for management of modern programmable networks. While network noise in the form of packet reordering and loss affects in-band collection of distributed state, there is a need to compute telemetry functions on the collected state correctly despite the network noise. To address this common need, we propose TeleNoise that equips each packet with few sync bits and offers primitives of group affiliation and group completion to support noise-resilient computation of per-group telemetry functions. This paper gives real-world examples of such functions, elaborates on the role of TeleNoise in a modular in-band telemetry architecture, and presents algorithms for the two TeleNoise primitives. We derive analytical guarantees on correctness and performance of the algorithms and report a trace-driven evaluation that corroborates the effective low-overhead profile of TeleNoise, e.g., the assuredly correct operation and at most 1.6 packets of the average measurement lag for 12-packet groups and 3 sync bits.

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