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Storage Capacity of Opportunistic Information Dissemination Systems

Rizzo, Gianluca and Pérez, Noelia and Ajmone Marsan, Marco and Mancuso, Vincenzo (2021) Storage Capacity of Opportunistic Information Dissemination Systems. [Journal Articles] (Accepted for publication)

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Floating Content (FC) is a paradigm for localized infrastructure-less content dissemination, that aims at sharing information among nodes within a restricted geographical area by relying only on opportunistic content exchanges. FC provides the basis for the probabilistic spatial storage of shared information in a completely decentralized fashion, usually without support from dedicated infrastructure. One of the key open issues in FC is the characterization of its performance limits as functions of the system parameters, accounting for its reliance on volatile wireless exchanges and on limited user resources. This paper takes a first step towards tackling this issue, by elaborating a model for the storage capacity of FC, i.e., for the maximum amount of information that can be stored through the FC paradigm. The storage capacity of FC, and of similar probabilistic content dissemination systems, is evaluated with a powerful information theoretical approach, based on a mean field model of opportunistic information exchange. In addition, an extremely simple explicit approximate expression for storage capacity is derived. The numerical results generated by our analytical models are compared to the predictions of realistic simulations under different setups, proving the accuracy of our analytical approaches, and characterizing the properties of the FC storage capacity.

Item Type: Journal Articles
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Date Deposited: 26 Jan 2021 09:56
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