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A Framework for Analyzing Spectrum Characteristics in Large Spatio-temporal Scales

Zeng, Yijing and Chandrasekaran, Varun and Banerjee, Suman and Giustiniano, Domenico (2019) A Framework for Analyzing Spectrum Characteristics in Large Spatio-temporal Scales. In: The 25th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom 2019), 21–25 October 2019, Los Cabos, Mexico.

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Understanding spectrum characteristics with little prior knowledge requires fine-grained spectrum data in the frequency, spatial, and temporal domains; gathering such a diverse set of measurements results in a large data volume. Analysis of the resulting dataset poses unique challenges; methods in the status quo are tailored for specific spectrum-related applications (apps), and are ill equipped to process data of this magnitude. In this paper, we design BigSpec, a general-purpose framework that allows for fast processing of apps. The key idea is to reduce computation costs by performing computation extensively on compressed data that preserves signal features. Adhering to this guideline, we build solutions for three apps, i.e., energy detection, spatio-temporal spectrum estimation, and anomaly detection. These apps were chosen to highlight BigSpec’s efficiency, scalability, and extensibility. To evaluate BigSpec’s performance, we collect more than 1 terabyte of spectrum data spanning a year, across 300MHz-4GHz, covering 400 km2. Compared with baselines and prior works, we achieve 17× run time efficiency, sublinear rather than linear run time scalability, and extend the definition of anomaly to different domains (frequency & spatio-temporal). We also obtain high-level insights from the data to provide valuable advice on future spectrum measurement and data analysis.

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