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Adaptive Scheduling over a Wireless Channel under Constrained Jamming

Fernández Anta, Antonio (2018) Adaptive Scheduling over a Wireless Channel under Constrained Jamming. In: Seminar at Politecnico de Torino, 14 March 2018, Torino, Italy.

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We consider in this talk the problem of packet scheduling over an unreliable wireless communication channel. A setting with a single pair of nodes is considered, a sender and a receiver. The sending station transmits packets to a receiving station over the channel that can be jammed, which corrupts the packet being transmitted. The jamming is controlled by a constrained adversary. The constrained power of the adversary is modeled by an Adversarial Queueing Theory (AQT) approach, defined with two main parameters; ρ, the error availability rate, and σ, the maximum batch of errors available to the adversary at any time. In this problem, the scheduling algorithms must decide on the length of the packets to be transmitted, with the objective of maximizing the goodput rate; the rate of successfully transmitted load. It is seen, that even for the simplest settings, finding an optimal algorithm is not trivial, but efficient solutions can be found.

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