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Minimum cost solar power systems for LTE macro base stations

Zhang, Yi and Meo, Michela and Gerboni, Raffaella and Ajmone Marsan, Marco (2017) Minimum cost solar power systems for LTE macro base stations. [Journal Articles]

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This paper proposes an algorithm for the identification of the minimum cost solution over a 10 year time horizon to power an LTE (Long-Term Evolution) macro base station, using a photovoltaic solar panel, a set of batteries, and optionally also a secondary power source, which can be a connection to a (possibly unreliable) power grid, or a small Diesel generator. The optimization is formalised as an Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) problem, which, after linearization, can be solved with CPLEX. A heuristic algorithm is also proposed, with the objective of decreasing the computational complexity of the optimization. Numerical results show that a hybrid solar-grid (or solar-diesel) power system saves a significant fraction of the total cost, compared to a pure solar system, and to the traditional power-grid system, over the investigated 10-year period, in a south European city, like Torino in Italy, as well as in a location close to the tropic, like Aswan in Egypt. Our proposed heuristic algorithm can be used to obtain a solution within 10–20% of the optimum, at a computational speed 200 times faster than the MIP solution.

Item Type: Journal Articles
Uncontrolled Keywords: Cellular networks; Green networking; Renewable energy; Optimization.
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