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Prediction-based Optimization in Mobile Networks

Widmer, Joerg (2015) Prediction-based Optimization in Mobile Networks. In: The 47th Meeting of the VDE/ITG, Stuttgart, Germany.

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A highly interesting trend in mobile network optimization is to exploit knowledge of future network capacity to allow mobile terminals to prefetch data when signal quality is high and to refrain from communication when signal quality is low. While this approach offers remarkable benefits, it relies on the availability of a reliable forecast of system conditions. This talk moves from the analysis of prediction techniques for mobile networks to proposing different optimization schemes for resource allocation and admission control. In particular, the talk will discuss a model for throughput prediction in mobile networks and its use in a single user resource allocation mechanism under imperfect prediction. Then, the problem will be extended to multi-user, multi-quality scenarios and the talk will address both optimal solutions and heuristic approaches for resource allocation and admission control.

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Date Deposited: 05 Apr 2016 11:14
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