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Context Information for Fast Cell Discovery in mm-wave 5G Networks

Capone, Antonio and Filippini, Ilario and Sciancalepore, Vincenzo (2015) Context Information for Fast Cell Discovery in mm-wave 5G Networks. In: The 21st European Wireless Conference (EW 2015), 20-22 May 2015, Budapest, Hungary.

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The exploitation of the mm-wave bands is one of the most promising solutions for 5G mobile radio networks. However, the use of mm-wave technologies in cellular networks is not straightforward due to mm-wave severe propagation conditions that limit access availability. In order to overcome this obstacle, hybrid network architectures are being considered where mm-wave small cells can exploit an overlay coverage layer based on legacy technology. The additional mm-wave layer can also take advantage of a functional split between control and user plane, that allows to delegate most of the signaling functions to legacy base stations and to gather context information from users for resource optimization. However, mm-wave technology requires multiple antennas and highly directional transmissions to compensate for high path loss and limited power. Directional transmissions must be also used for the cell discovery and synchronization process, and this can lead to a non negligible delay due to need to scan the cell area with multiple transmissions in different angles. In this paper, we propose to exploit the context information related to user position, provided by the separated control plane, to improve the cell discovery procedure and minimize delay. We investigate the fundamental trade-offs of the cell discovery process with directional antennas and the effects of the context information accuracy on its performance. Numerical results are provided to validate our observations.

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